For contractors
Q: I just graduated from school, but I don’t have my license/certification yet. Can I register with Tempeak?
A: Unfortunately not. Tempeak requires all registering contractors to be licensed with current and valid licence/certification number. The license has to be visible and uploaded to your profile when registering.
Q: I don’t have much/any work experience? Is that ok?
A: Yes, it’s fine. Tempeak is a perfect solution to your problem. Dental offices recruit for all levels of experience. It’s a good way to get your foot in the door and start learning.
Q: My license is about to expire. Can I still be registered and get job assignments?
A: The only qualified candidates for job assignments are licensed professionals. Please do what’s needed to renew your license before it expires. Don’t forget to upload the new license to your profile.
Q: I accepted the job assignment, but now I can’t go due to an emergency. What do I do?
A: We understand, these things happen. We require that you handle this to the best of your professional ability. Call your assigned dental office manager as soon as you can and explain the situation. The more time given to the office to look for your replacement, the better. Do everything you can to avoid a 1 star rating.
Q: I started my profile, but I’m not getting any assignments. What’s going on?
A: Make sure you complete the whole registration process. There are 2 screens/steps that you need to complete. If you do not upload your license, your profile will be marked as unfinished and you won’t show up as “available” for an assignment. Make sure you fill out all the fields necessary.
Q: I just finished my assignment. What should I expect?
A: You should receive a paycheck from the assigned office after your job is completed. Later, log back into your Tempeak profile to rate your working experience. If you loved it give it 5 stars, if not so much give it less than 5. Don’t forget that your employer can rate you too.
Q: Do I have to upload my photo?
A: We encourage you to upload your photo, as it gives a greater visibility and chances for an employer to consider you for an assignment. The photo should be a professional headshot, similar to your driver’s license photo. The employer will also know who to expect when you walk in the door.
Q: Why should I use Tempeak as opposed to a traditional staffing agency?
A: As opposed to a traditional staffing agency, Tempeak puts you in charge. It connects you directly with the employer, so there’s no middle men. Think of it as “uber” for work assignments. This puts you in charge, because you can negotiate your preferred rate directly with the dental office, which most likely will be higher than the rate negotiated with the staffing agency. You won’t have to fill out timesheets, wait for your paycheck, deal with the staffing agency and the dental office. No middleman, no hassle.
Q: I feel a little uncomfortable uploading my picture and/or license. Is this a secure site?
A: Our site has the highest possible security that is available. You can trust us with your information. We do not sell or give away any of our data. It’s very secure and we have our IT team monitoring it constantly.
Q: Why do I have to upload my license?
A: We only hire certified/licensed professionals. Your license is a proof that you are qualified to do the job. We want to verify that everything is legit and in order before an employer gets to request you for a job assignment. In this way, the employers have trust in both, us and you.
For employers
Q: I found a person for a temp assignment, but now I want to hire him/her permanently. Is there an additional cost or paperwork to be done?
A: Absolutely not. The service works on a subscription type basis, so there’s no extra costs if you want to hire a person permanently. Also, there’s no additional paperwork needed. You’re totally in control.
Q: My dental hygienist just called out sick and I don’t want to reschedule all his/her patients. Is there enough time to get a replacement?
A: Yes. Most of the staff can be replaced within 24 hours. Start searching Tempeak’s database of available hygienists and send a job request to couple of them. You can choose anyone who accepts your assignment. You’ll be fully staffed and ready to go in no time.
Q: Can I request the same hygienist/assistant again?
A: Yes, you may. You can request the same person as many times as you need. There’s no limit on how many times per month you use Tempeak for employee requests.
Q: I really liked my temp employee that I recruited from Tempeak. How can I put in a good word for him/her?
A: We love to hear about your experience. Please log back into your profile and give that person a 5 star rating. It’s one of the things that's so unique about Tempeak, you get to rate your employee.
Q: Can I negotiate the rates?
A: Every person indicates their preferred rate on their profile. You can negotiate your own rate if needed. We understand that all offices differ, so please feel free to talk with your potential employee about rates and expectations.
Q: How do I deal with the payment?
A: Each employee should be paid at the end of the working day. You make the check out to the employee and it’s taken care of.
Q: Is my information and billing secure?
A: Yes, absolutely. We have the highest site security available. Your information is securely stored so you have nothing to worry about. We’re here to serve your needs.